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Sigma Aldrich

Alfa Aesar



SIGMA-ALDRICH Glass 1000mL 1L Five-Position NMR Tube Cleaner System GL-45




Sigma ALDRICH Glass T-Inlet In Line Check Valve Bubbler Plastic Hose Connectors


Sigma ALDRICH Glass 100mL Rotary Evaporator B Frit Bump Trap 24/40 14/20 Joints


Sigma Aldrich Vacuum Glassware


SIGMA-ALDRICH Glass 3-Port Glass Stopcock 1/2” OD Tubes Vacuum / Inert Manifold


Sigma-Aldrich 50mL Recovery Flask 14/20 Joint S.T. Lot of 3


Two Boxes of Sigma Aldrich Silane-Prep Slides S4651


Case 50 Sigma Aldrich Canted PS TCT 175 cm² Cell Culture Flasks SIAL 1080


LOT OF 2 SIGMA-ALDRICH Pyrex Single-bulb ball-tubes, 1000ML & 500ML 24/40


Sigma-Aldrich 12L Peptide Vessel Por "C" Unused Boxed New


Sigma-Aldrich Stainless Steel Syringe needle set 12 pcs


Sigma Aldrich Activated Charcoal - 50 Grams


New Sigma Aldrich Glass1000ml Air Sensitive Storage Bottle with PTFE Stopcock




Sigma-Aldrich Various 23 LOT size Amber Glass Bottles Vials Science Laboratory


New SIGMA ALDRICH SS 304 24” in 12-Gauge Luer Hub Deflecting Tip Syringe Needle


Sigma-Aldrich 1 Liter Amber Glass Narrow Mouth Bottle 38-439 Closure Case of 30


Sigma-Aldrich Diazomethane Generator Tube w/ System 45 Connection (No Top Cap)


600ML Fritted Lab Funnel ASTM 25-50 Sigma Aldrich New


Sigma Aldrich Glassware Firestone Rapid Purge Valve #7 Thread


Sigma-Aldrich Glass 90° Bend Hose Tube Inlet Connection Adapter 14/20 Joint  


Pack of 72 Silane-Prep Slides Sigma Aldrich S4651


Sigma Aldrich 24/40 Rodaviss Joint Sublimation Apparatus, 2mm Glass Stopcock


Sigma ALDRICH 250mL Anticlimb Splash-Guard Adapter Rotary Evaporator 14/20 24/40


Sigma-Aldrich Glass Schlenk Type 14/20 Male Joint Screw Cap Z230855


Sigma Aldrich Two-piece Vacuum Trap 45/50 Joint 420 mm 48mm OD Z174211


Sigma-Aldrich Glass 1000mL 1L Jacketed Dewar Style Condenser 14/20 230mm x 75mm


Sigma Aldrich Glass 250mL Rotary Evaporator Anticlimb Splash-Guard 24/40 14/20


SIGMA ALDRICH Glass 500mL Cold Vacuum Trap Body Only 50mm O-ring Z106909


SIGMA ALDRICH Glass 50mL Schlenk Kjeldahl Reaction Storage Tube 14/20 Z516007